[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Judge Anderson – The Psi Files Vol. 03

The third collection of the Judge Anderson Psi Files is just Anderson being a bomb-ass Psi-Div Judge.

She is powerful, in her element, unphased, and is so over that stone-faced Dredd (and that gaunt mo-fo Death as well).

So this collection is all about style, featuring some of the best art I have ever seen in the Judge Dredd stories (and I have read a crap-ton of them, seriously, don’t mess with me and my Dreddness).

Since Anderson really is hitting her stride in these stories, it’s more about what weirdness can they throw at her and she deal with it in her sassy self – which makes for fantastic reading (I love competent characters, it’s why Star Trek is better than Star Wars, there I said it).

I am going to say though, with the many changes in art styles, they sometimes go hard and heavy with the male gaze on Anderson, I kind of wish they didn’t, and I am pretty disappointed that it does.

Other than that, fantastic read, fantastic stories, fantastic everything…


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