[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Judge Anderson – The Psi Files Vol. 02

The second collection of Judge Anderson is a doozy of a read.

The wonderfulness of the Judge Anderson stories is how weird they are. She has to deal with not only regular perps, but aliens, supernatural threats, Deathworld, and just regular psychic crap too…it is a wonder she can go on (and for a while, she almost doesn’t)

These stories are very different from the Dredd stories, which are more straightforward and hard-edged, while Anderson is all about psychadelic and mind-trips (more literal than one would think) and just plain weirdness.

Judge Anderson is such a powerful character and the thing that I love about her in these stories is that yeah, she is a pretty woman, but the story and the art really don’t play off her sexuality, there is no weird leering looks or just innumerable crotch and boob shots (yeah there is some, it’s not a perfect comic, but at the same time, it never feels overly sexual).

These collections are thick and have a range of stories from short two to three page ones to sprawling epics that span almost a hundred pages.

Seriously, why are you still reading this review? Go check it out already!


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