[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Judge Anderson – The Psi Files Vol. 01

Ah Judge Anderson, the most unconventional street judge that patrols Mega-City One, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

This is the first collection of her stories that pepper the 2000AD magazine, and thus has some of her earliest appearances. You would think that seeing her first stories would mean that one would have to deal with the problems of old-school comic book telling, but 2000AD has always been kind of cutting edge and so the stories are immensely readable (so you never feel like, “ah well, these stories are from back in the day”)

These first stories are strangely sustained, referring back to things happening previously as the collection progresses.

The great thing about the stories is how badass Anderson is, especially in the face of the stiff-backed street judges who are pretty over-the-top in their adherence to the Law, she does her job (well at that) and she does it in her style, never bothering with just smacking heads.

If you don’t love Anderson from this first collection, then I can’t really help you in selling the awesomeness of Judge Anderson.


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