[Reading Challenge 2017] Neil Gaiman’s “Norse Mythology”


Somehow I find myself chugging along the Reading Challenge 2017, am pleasantly surprised.

Anyways, while I am still waiting for that book on China that Gaiman talked about many years ago, I decided to settle for his take on the Norse myths that he put out earlier this year.

The book, as Gaiman mentions in the introduction, is essentially a re-telling of Norse myths, but with a few of his own flourishes.

With that said, what did I think?

You know, it’s not too bad, but it doesn’t feel good enough for Neil Gaiman, whose writing I genuinely do enjoy (though I am sick of the reissues and special editions of his books that are coming out these days, they seem like cash grabs rather than genuine additions to his bibliography).

If you are familiar with Norse mythology, which I happen to be, the stories are almost straight adaptations/re-tellings with a few minor changes here and there – which is the reason why I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I would like (’cause the Norse myths are so different from the Greco-Roman ones that if Gaiman had a bit of fun with it, it would have been kind of awesome).

However, for those who only know Thor from Marvel comics, they will genuinely enjoy the experience as the stories that Gaiman picks to tell are good (and feature Thor quite a bit) and will learn a lot about this much lauded but under-explored mythological vein.

A fairly quick read, I don’t think anyone will regret spending their time on this book, though some may feel that a bit more of the hand of Gaiman is needed (seriously, it feels like his last good book was Ocean at the end of the Lane [and Sandman: Overture for those graphically inclined]).

Ah well, despite my grousing, I will go out to pick whatever his latest book release will be (though I hope it isn’t that sequel to Neverwhere, I want something different before we tread old ground).


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