[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Black Science Vol. 05 – True Atonement

So I have been kind of crapping on this series, mainly because it feels kind of too headlong rush and doesn’t stop to actually be interesting – sort of the antithesis to Remender’s Deadly Class (which I don’t think I reviewed for this website, maybe my other one, but I will come back and talk about it, eventually).

Now that the series has settled down somewhat thanks to Volume 4, the story line solidifies into something much more readable – though I am still not that invested in liking anyone.

I think that’s what missing, there is no character that you wish would stick around, that you go, “aw yeah, that dude is back! (or alive, or something).” The shaman was almost like that, but he was a deus ex in the end, so we cannot follow him all the time. (plus, he dead at the moment).

However, I am interested in what’s going to happen. There are finally bits and pieces of antagonism that goes beyond McCay and his selfishness and actually involves the greater Onion. Once you have a feeling that there is some kind of anchor point, it helps to generate momentum (look at the old tv show Sliders, it was good when they explored the alternate dimensions, but it got even more interesting when they had to find their way back home and fight against the Cro-Mags, so despite casting changes, the story kept its momentum).

Matteo Scalera, what can I say that hasn’t been said already? Dude is a friggin’ genius, can’t wait to see what else can he do in other genres/stories.

You think he would be ever willing to work with me? I would give him a boss story to artify, just for him…

Okay, I just might be crushing on the guy…


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