[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Black Science Vol. 04 – Godworld

Finally, a volume that I enjoyed.

And that is because mainly it did exactly what I wanted it to, take some time to actually explore a little, even if it is with the most reprehensible of the lot (but that’s okay, Remender seems to have a thing for damaged idealistic people – see Deadly Class.)

There is still a bunch of background missing, and the Shaman box is kind of a big deux ex machina waiting to happen, but you know what? Considering the backstory that this volume delivers into Grant McCay, it kind of all glosses over. At last you feel that you have your feet on the ground as you try to recover from all the slides and shifts from dimension to dimension we have been exploding through for the past fifteen or so issues.

This also means that Matteo Scalera  gets to shine with his design work. no longer is he limited to shouting and reacting of the idiots (i.e., the League of Anarchist Scientists) but he gets to draw luscious landscapes, mega weird monsters (holy crap that boogie-man/creature whose name I cannot spell [it has too many “o”s in it] is magnificently scary looking), and finally just the normalcy of the planet that Grant finds Rebecca in, shows how great of an artist Matteo is – seriously, the dude is a superstar.

I feel like the series has found its footing (unfortunately with Grant McKay), and so has finally managed to snag me before I felt bored and frustrated (but still not as angry at some other things I have been reading lately, so there is that).

On to volume 5!


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