[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Black Science Vol. 03 – Vanishing Pattern

And so onto the third volume of this most annoying little series.

I find it annoying ’cause still I don’t like any of the characters and they have yet to do anything that makes me want to feel for them.

Also, this series is reminding me a lot about Deadly Class, a series which I did like better, but only after they kill off the main narrator guy (something this series has repeatedly tried to do it seems and failed…though to be fair, considering that recent twist in Deadly Class, maybe it is unsurprising).

With more twists and turns and shocks, it feels like the characters are 90% yelling at something, someone, or each other and the other 10% is trying to murder everyone else – which gets annoying since that has been what has been happening for the past two volumes as well…it has gotten to the point that I have quite literally forgotten who is who and does what (there are kids involved…that’s about it).

Matteo Scalara really is the saving grace here, and actually it is because of his designs in the various layers of The Onion that I am even more annoyed that we don’t get to spend time and just explore…instead we get Mckay and his League of Shouty Scientists.

Oh well, we plunge on, maybe the two remaining volumes of the series that I have will be worth it all (some stories take time, I acknowledge that, though I find that Remender has written better stuff…)


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