[Reading Challenge 2017] Normal by Warren Ellis


Those of you who know me from the various things that I blog about know that I have an extreme fondness for Warren Ellis, so of course I had been desperate to get his latest book which came out late last year.

Normal is a quick 150-ish page novel that has Ellis going straight into his futurism paranoia niche. That’s not a bad thing. Instead he works well within his wheel house to provide a quick, exciting read that has one feeling satisfied once they get to the end of it.

The story is simple enough, burned out futurists are put into a retreat (usually forcibly) to regather their wits and try and get back in the game. When a new resident is interned in Normal (the name of the facility), things grow seriously strange as everyone’s collecting paranoia starts coming true (somewhat).

The quick nature of this read may make feel people that they have been short-changed, but Ellis’s style is about doing stories quickly and succinctly and so this really fits the way he does things.

Trust me, go read this story, you will enjoy it and have the rest of the day to look over your shoulder in fear.


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