[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Black Science Vol. 02 – Welcome, Nowhere

On the wake of shocking twists that rocked the previous arc, this second volume…keeps the twists coming and the explanations still light.

The crew are still jumping through the various layers of the onion and are trying to figure out how to get home (as has been said in the previous arc) and there are so many things that I wish would happen instead of what does happen.

I want these people to explore (especially since there is an apparent countdown to the next jump thing going on – I get that they are still young and scared, but a little bit more in-depthness to the worlds that they jump into would be nice – maybe a bit later?).

Instead, these character are either really shitty human beings…or we kind of know nothing about them – which for a second set of six issues is kind of annoying, I feel no need to actually worry about these characters except to see how much crap can they go through (and hopefully not survive, ’cause Kadir is a little shit, haha).

I still love Scalera’s art, it seriously is gorgeous stuff (I even might consider getting some of his original artwork), but I feel like sometimes he kind of overworks the art, causing the reader to lose track of what’s going on (sometimes that it is a good thing) and some details to go missing (like that Shaman, where does he go half the time?)

I am going to keep reading the series, ’cause I like being in it for the long run, and considering that I have still another two or three story arcs on hand, maybe it will actually hit a level that I want it to be.


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