[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Black Science Vol. 01 – How to Fall Forever

The first thing that hits you when you open this book is that it is gorgeous as hell. Matteo Scalera’s art is vibrant, luscious, and stylized as all hell (which means some may not gush over the art as much as I do).

Which is a good thing, ’cause the story for all that it is worth, has not grabbed me so far in this volume.

The premise is actually pretty easy to boil down – Sliders, Quantum Leap, and Fringe had a bastard child that resulted in this comic.

High-concept as hell, right?

The thing is that while the concept is easy to understand for those familiar with those TV properties, the story itself does not settle down – instead relying on people wanting to turn the page to see if they can catch up with the breakneck speed that this comic goes through. Unfortunately, it never does, instead just asking us to keep reading through and hoping that Remender will eventually reveal all.

Don’t get me wrong, there are revelations, but they feel too slight and not interesting enough to make me go – “woah! mind blown” (especially considering how great the art is).

I am still sticking around, but I feel very dissatisfied with this volume.


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