[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Clean Room Vol 02

The second volume available of Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt’s Clean Room is a much more satisfying read, namely because of the fact that the world building has slowed down and the plot gets to unfurl in a much more engrossing way.

With the character dynamics established and what makes them essentially who we are, the reactions to the events unfolding are really fun to see, mainly because Simone really makes sure that we are on the edge of our seat as the story progresses (and we root for who may or may not be the protagonists).

I love the hillbilly neighbors, they are the neighbors I want to befriend and learn to play the banjo from.

Jon Davis-Hunt’s art is so consistently fantastic that it is mind-bogglingly mesmerizing. Seriously, why hasn’t this guy been on my radar before?

I so can’t wait for the release of the third volume, definitely snapping it up as soon as I can….even though I already know what is going to happen (I have been reading in digital singles afterall).

If you haven’t picked up the series based on the strength of the previous review, trust me, this is a worth it read, go get it!


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