[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Clean Room Vol. 01

So as I am going through the backlog of books and comics that I want to get through this year, I come across this luscious cover. After reading that it was Gail Simone (of Secret Six and many other much vaunted comics fame) and has art by Jon Davis-Hunt, I knew I had to start it toot suite.

This first volume of Clean Room is a bit of a difficult read, but mainly because it is all about setting things up – which means introducing characters, circumstances, and the world itself. Since this is a Vertigo book, that means there is an expectation of something different from the superhero genre and is more similarly organized like a novel, so you gotta be able to commit to a longer run in order to fully enjoy the series.

At the end of the volume, things are clearly in place and there are deep hints as to what is coming, so I feel fully satisfied that I started the series.

The main draw really though is the art by Jon Davis-Hunt, which is agorgeous s hell. Each character looks distinctive, you can feel that they are fully imagined and designed, making it easier to jump straight into the story…they feel real! But for me it is all about these…well, let’s call them for monsters for now. Gorgeously rendered and beautifully designed, the creatures that Astrid and Chloe and everyone else has to deal with are so gruesomely frightening that I want to see what becomes of them.


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