[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Wonder Woman – The True Amazon

In the same year that Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette’s Wonder Woman Earth One was released, this little gem was also released by DC Comics.

And it is so much better than Morrison/Paquette’s much fanfared book.

Jill Thompson performs double duty as writer and artist for this OGN and she crafts an excellent story that updates the story of Wonder Woman’s origin for a modern audience.

There are several changes made that make sense and give Wonder Woman a more well-rounded approach to who she is. The first is that the lesbianism on Themyscira is more in the open and not hinted at, with an island full of women obviously being in love with other women (and not sexualized, it’s all a matter of fact).

The main big change though is to Wonder Woman herself who is selfish, vain, and quite spoiled since she is the princess…and a special one at that. Jill Thompson establishes how and why this WW is more of a brat than we have ever known her, but makes her sympathetic as well…until the end, when she shows that a leopard never truly changes its shorts*.

The ending is quite surprising and is actually worth the read, though some may find that WW being less than perfect be a bit of a pill to swallow.

Of course, since this is Jill Thompson doing the art, it’s gorgeous and the water colors are such a nice aesthetic and change of pace from the usual comic book art, that one finds themselves getting lost in taking in the details. What I love most is that the art really makes the comic feel quite “European” if that makes sense, giving a whole Mediterranean vibe, which makes sense for this Greek legends come to life.

While usually I disapprove of tragic backstories (’cause they have been done to death), this one was well-crafted enough that I can let it slip by.

Definitely worth a read!

*Terry Pratchett reference there, I didn’t make a typo.


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