[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Ms. Marvel Vol. 03 – Crushed

You know what is the biggest compliment I can give this book? I was smiling throughout the entire volume.

The volume continues along the Ms. Marvel  series, but the stories themselves are more done-in-ones than entire volume epics (okay, there is a two-parter, but close enough for bear) and they are all worth the read.

Wilson is really able to dish out the character interaction (and she even makes the brother less of a butt, he was really getting to me ’cause he is like many I meet in my country these days…I am pretty sure my sister is grateful she has a brother like me, haha). Anyways character interactions, fantastic, and pretty much the driving force for these stories (the plots themselves since they are resolved so quickly, are kind of tertiary to the issues) made this an easy and compelling reading (I kind of wish they put more than five issues in a volume, this volume felt kind of light…

There is one part that doesn’t make sense, where were the rest of the Inhumans when she was imprisoned at New Atillan?¬† I guess I will never know…


Miyazawa and Bondoc are fantastic artists who have a great aesthetic for this book – clean lines, expressive energy, and a nice light colored palette makes this easy on the eyes. I really love the art in this book, it might not be fancy or flashy, but you never feel like it is an assault on the senses (and thus overwhelming your brain).

Basically, I think I am calling this series the Pringles of comics right now.

I got one more volume in my collection (and to-read list) and then I will have to suffer through withdrawal…


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