[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Ms. Marvel – Vol. 02 – Generation Why

With the second volume of Ms. Marvel, there is (of course) an escalation in the stakes, while at the same time still continuing Kamala Khan’s lessons in heroing.

There are still so many things to recommend about this series that it is kind of insane.

The first is Kamala’s team-up with Wolverine, which is both low-stakes and completely heart-warming. G Willow Wilson taps into the same Wolverine that shows why he is seen as a father-like figure rather than a homicidal maniac.

Then we have Lockjaw, Medusa, and the Inhumans – Lockjaw is the clear standout of course, since we do see him the most and he is pretty damn useful. The Medusa is pretty cool in a sense, but we don’t get enough time with her to understand why would we care about the Inhumans just yet, but there is just enough of a hint that they could be genuinely interested.

Of course the core of this series is character interaction, and while this volume is a bit fast-paced, Wilson manages to still give a bit of depth to the kids that Kamala is trying to save.

Alphona and Wyatt’s art was great as usual, especially since they pretty seamlessly meld into each other’s issues, thus preventing any jarring transitions when moving from one issue to another.

Still loving the series, I don’t think I read Volumes 3 and 4 that are in my collection, so this is going to be new territory next!


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