[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Ms. Marvel – Vol. 01 – No Normal

Probably one of the most successful new characters in recent years, re-reading this first volume of Ms. Marvel reminded me why she is successful.

Sure I have a soft spot for Muslim characters (’cause there aren’t enough of them out there, especially ones from the Sub-continent area) but this is genuinely a great read.

G. Willow Wilson captures a (slightly stereotypical) Pakistani family right at the crossroads as they try and maintain their own culture while their one little girl is rebelling and being American (I guess the family never heard of the Burkha Avenger, haha).

Wilson manages to have Kamala Khan ooze with charm and childish glee (in a good way) that makes you want to revisit the origins of a superhero and re-learning the ropes of being a hero (very Spider-man-esque). There are so many elements to the story that draw a person in that this is an easy book to recommend for anyone who even wants to glance at a superhero comic book.

Then there is Adrian Alphona’s art which is fantastically light and cheery, much like the series itself and really helps to solidify what Wilson wants to go for with this series, enhancing it and making one feel more attracted to the series as well.

I can’t wait to read the other volumes (and am already shopping to catch up with the volumes am still missing at the moment).


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