[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Batwoman – Vol. 06 – The Unknowns

The volume opens up with a major confusing moment as it throws you into the mix of an adventure that has nowhere been in Kate Kane’s milieu – space and demons!

I think that Marc Andreyko had a plan, but then that plan got shuttered when he was told the series was going to be canned and so rushed to wrap things up.

The first thing is first, the Nocturna arc, which seemed to be hinting at something quite dark and far-reaching, gets resolved so quickly and abruptly that you are like, “that’s it?”

Then we have the establishment of “The Unknowns” (basically I now see where the current Detective Comics team spun out of). It was an interesting first adventure that had several unexplained holes in it that annoyed me greatly.

The main thing quibble that I would like to mention is that when we return from the flashback to the present day, there should have been a slight recap from the in media res situation that we are returning to ’cause it felt all kind of just, “oh, we are here now.” So not enough fanfare…and then rush to the conclusion, ’cause holy crap we only got two and a half issues left y’all!

The art was more consistent in this volume, making for a less eye-watering read, especially ’cause the art was pretty decent and it seems they gave enough time to the artist(s) to pull together better to put out a coherent story.

All in all, a little bit of a whimper of an end, but I still love Kate Kane and Batwoman, I think she is a good foil to Bruce Wayne and him being Batman that she is a worthy addition to the Bat-family and I can’t wait for the Rebirth series to come out (especially because Tynion and Bennett are writing it, they are a good team to have for the series).


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