[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Batwoman – Vol. 05 – Webs

I mentioned in my last review that I could not wait to read the next volume…unfortunately life got in the way so I only recently managed to see the conclusion of Kate Kane and her relationship with the DEO.

The DEO/Batwoman story was a pretty satisfying conclusion, having a great fight between Batwoman and Batman that had him coming out on top, but did not diminish who Batwoman was.

Plus, a happy ending, which is a good thing (though the whole Director Bones additional twist seemed to come out of nowhere, did not like it, but at least it was resolved and no real hint of more soap opera from that front).

Then we have the new story with Nocturna and Wolf Spider (and Maggie).

That…was a disaster.

The story is actually quite serviceable in a comic book sort of way, but it was such a step down from what the previous four volumes had been. The story arc played up Kate Kane’s anger issues, which would have been fine, but considering how simple the mystery was, her not solving it (coupled with her over-emotionality) made it feel like this was complete amateur hour.

The art was another problem with this, since we lose JH Williams III so suddenly, multiple artists were recruited to help keep the comic on schedule, meaning that there is a whole host of uneven art pages – some were lovely, some were good enough, and others were kind of slap-dash.

The story was just barely good enough to keep me hooked for the final volume of the series, but I feel like this is not my Kate Kane, making me sorely disappointed.


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