[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Batwoman Vol. 03 – World’s Finest

The conclusion to this monstrous story that JH Williams and H. Haden Blackman have been building and…man it was a ride.

This volume has Batwoman teaming up with Wonder Woman to take down Medusa and her nefarious plans to bring Mother back to the world of man. It is a roller-coaster and would not be out of place in the Mignolaverse (though this was definitely more bright).

Now I am a sucker for Wonder Woman and seeing her teaming up with my other favorite female character just melts my heart. Williams and Blackman have picked a nice voice for Wonder Woman and the way they portray Batwoman’s inner thoughts to be fangirling over Wondy was great.

All in all this was the strongest volume of the Mother of Monsters arc and it was well worth it.

What was great about this issue was that the entire story arc is structured differently, giving the reader a nice change of pace that is well executed. Wonder Woman and Batwoman make a fearsome duo and both the action and their dialog have this beautiful line of respect within it that makes you really feel that they earn the title of “World’s Finest.” Then there is the second half of the story arc which is dealing with Medusa and Mother. This part of the arc is full of payoffs, both personal and professional (in the super-heroing sense, I am pretty sure that Maggie got reprimanded for kissing a known vigilante), and you feel the unevenness of the first two volumes really levels out and made the entire story arc a read by this volume’s conclusion. If all three volumes were collected together, that would have been a smarter choice than these slimmer volumes.

The art by Williams is just jaw dropping, giving Mignola a run for his money in terms of monsters and monster fighting (this battle really made me think back to the time with Liz Sherman and the Black Flame incident – incidentally, that crossover needs to happen). I have no idea why Nightwing was in the background…why not all of the Batfamily? But hey, it was nice to see him knee-deep with Mr. Freeze as they fought to protect Gotham.

Great read, very fulfilling end to the Mother arc (and she gets a great little redemptive nod, thanks to Wonder Woman) so, yeah…on to something I am not looking forward to (based on the cover)…the return of Alice (the sister, ugh)


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