[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Batwoman – Vol. 01: Hydrology

So despite it being called “Volume 01” it really is a continuation of the Elegy storyline (not a direct sequel, but this volume does directly talk about the events from the Elegy story) and is a great fleshing out of who Batwoman is.

There are many things to like about this story line and is a really ambitious start to the New 52 era of Batwoman. It is a nice detective story with supernatural elements, giving a great little CSI-esque story which reminds everyone that the Bat-family are the greatest detectives in the DC universe (even if Batwoman is more like a cousin [actually also a literal cousin now that I think about it] to the actual Bats).

The art features J.H. Williams at pretty much his finest, doing a great mixing of more traditional comic book art with his signature aesthetic. There are so many moments in this volume that draw you in and essentially drown (heh, this is a pun on the contents of this volume) you in how pretty it is.

This was a solid B+ comic (it lost points mainly because the case feels a little unsatisfactory in the end because Kate Kane’s other life takes more of a center stage and so everything gets put into the backburner).

Now on to Volume 2 – To Drown the World!


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