[Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2017] – Batwoman – Elegy [Deluxe Edition]

Even though Batwoman officially debuted during the 52 series, this was Batwoman’s (Kate Kane) first major outing.

This comic is basically the good, bad, and the pretty.

The good: Greg Rucka crafts a great story. He humanizes Kate Kane, giving her a solid background and depth, especially important for someone who we barely know. Rucka establishes an interesting dynamic between Kane and her father (who serves as her Alfred) and the military-mindset that she brings to vigilante justice. It is because of all these elements that Rucka establishes for this character is what sold me on who she is and made me want to read any and all stories that involve her (and I have collected all of her major appearances so far…as far as I know)

The bad: Unfortunately, despite all the praise I heap upon this graphic novel, there is a major point that I simply hate – Alice. This is because Rucka does a very soap opera thing and makes her related to Kate Kane…and not just related, but is her MISSING TWIN SISTER! I mean, really? Of all the twists, this was the worst. It definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

The pretty: J.H. Williams III. Oh man, J.H. is so goddamn fantastic. His art is basically what saves Alice (’cause she looks almost ethereal and so eye-catching) from having me crap all over her character. J.H.’s art is so beautiful, ridiculously so (and pretty much the other reason why I fell in love with Batwoman)

Really loved this graphic novel, except for the “familiar” twist, I would give this a solid four out of five stars.


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