[Reading Woes] The Loneliness of a Reader


As many of you know, I am not the most social of people.  The reason is not (as commonly thought) because I hate everyone…it is because I don’t have anyone to talk to, especially what I have read.

I know that there is movies, TV, celebrities, and politics that are the conversations du jour, but I am never up-to-date enough with them to be a good contributor to such conversations (it is only thanks to 9gag and perusing the headlines of my RSS feeds that I am more or less abreast of everything, but details? Pshaw, please…).

The problem isn’t (entirely) about people not reading enough, it is also because of the (thankfully) great wealth and breadth of books available to read that, among my reading pals, we find ourselves “uhmmm”-ing and “ahhhh”-ing over talking about what we read.

So we spend a few minutes giving a summary of what we have read, promising to read the book so that you can give your opinion and discuss at a later time.  After we have done our obligatory reading (metaphorical dick) measuring, then we get down to brass tacks…meaning we end up gossiping about people, movies, TV, celebrities, and politics.

*sigh* What a vicious circle…

…and don’t get me started on me being the lone comic book reader of my group, that’s a rant for another day.


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