[Reading Woes] The Next Purchase

This is how it begins..
This is how it begins..
Somehow I have recently found myself running out of books to read. This is usually not a cause for concern, I have enough money to buy pretty much any book (well except for one…why must they allow books to go out of print?)

Well anyways, I want to buy some books.

The problem is, what do I buy?

I don’t mind spreading my genre wings, moving away from fantasy and science-fiction, but which route do I go?

Should I pick up books that have managed to secure spots on the New York Times Bestsellers list? If I do, which book do I pick? The main list? The more specialized lists? Do I just start from #1 and work my way downwards? Or do I pick at random? Do I pick an author I am vaguely aware of? Or just go whole hog and get something truly random?

Or do I go the classic route, looking for well known authors and try to finish collecting all that of their works? 
Then there is sticking to my comfort zone, where do I go from there? Based on covers? Back cover blurbs? Do I think of a starting series or go for a standalone novel?

So many choices in methods of selecting a book and none of them makes it easier to do so…

I guess I am stuck.

How about you? How do you go about buying the next book you want to read?


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