[Reading Woes] I Hate Recommending Books

Answer: All of them...This is a sequel to last week’s post.

So, if I have somehow managed to get past my trepidation of actually lending a book, the second question ensues:

“Hey, what book do you think I should read?”

Well shit.

Books are not like food, if you like meat and potatoes and various spices, there is a combination out there for you that will work for you and other for others.

Books, on the other hand, are much more difficult. Books have the unenviable ability to be accessible at any time. A book that you love when you were young may not live up to your memories when you revisit it. A book that other people hate, you might love (either shamefully or unironically or with just outright pleasure).

So how do I go about recommending a book?  I don’t, it’s too much pressure!

Also, the worst thing that can happen after recommending something to read, the person does not read it!

I agonize over a choice that I hope you will enjoy and then you leave the book to the side, that you will pick at your own pleasure? Listen you little biblio-dilentante, I am already judging you for not being able to pick up a book on your own, but then you ignore what I say you would enjoy?

How dare you?

The book’s flavor will dissipate and the reason for recommending that books will vanish by the time you get to it. I recommend a book so that you can sit back and enjoy yourself, to wash away into another world of problems that are not your own and will be concluded once you turn to the last page.

It is no wonder you are a stressed out little pencil-pusher if you think that putting off that book for later will let you enjoy it. Instead you will be stressed and rushed to return the book (I hope) or at least talk about it eventually (such discussions seem to be happening less and less lately).

The worst is of course when the book is never read and I sit around waiting for them to say something, whether they hate it or love it…any kind of reaction would be good!.

Indifference and silence and ignorance, terrible when it happens in relationships, even worse when it happens after you recommend a book.

So, with all that said, I hate recommending books. Go look stuff up yourself, read, commentate and then I just might deign enough attention upon your thoughts to actually comment.

Or not, what do you care really? You came to me for the recommendation after all.


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