[Reading Woes] Lending or Losing

It's True...

It’s lonely being an avid reader.

Don’t get me wrong, my friends claim to love to read, and am sure that they do, but they have so-called “lives” that gets in the way of reading.

We all know if that you want to read, you will make time for it (worst case scenario, there is always the bathroom to be able to flip through some pages, I mean seriously, how much of 9gag can you scroll through while unloading your bowels).

Anyways, my friends know that I have books, whether electronic or published, ’cause that’s how I roll (be jealous).

This unfortunately brings me to the invariable problem that arises when they do come to visit and look through the books that adorn my bookshelves, both public and private.

“Hey, got any books that I could borrow?”

(this is a different problem from actually recommending books, a problem that I will talk about next week).

Now I want to encourage people to read, reading is good, it encourages them to think outside their boundaries, to accommodate new ideas, or to just plain think.

However, my books are my babies.

Thanks to my tendencies to be severely anti-social (and spending way too much money that I do not have on books already), it means that people could just walk away with the books and I will never have any idea when they will return back into my grubby little paws (to be fair though, I do make sure my hands are quite clean before I handle my books).

Even as we speak, there are several books missing from my collection and I sit here on tenterhooks waiting for their return. I can’t just blurt out “hey, could you return my books please?  I miss them so…” (this would also mean that I would have to hang out with said person before I get the book back, which is an altogether different type of hell, but slightly worth it if it means I get my book[s] back).

Still, my spine hasn’t grown enough for me to demand the return of my books, and since I don’t have a library card system (an intriguing idea but no idea if I could actually make it work…it would mean that I would have to see people more often if I ask for the books to be returned on even a monthly basis), I have to sit here, waiting, hoping that the books will be homeward bound eventually…

…and not lost forever…*shudder*


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  1. Oh geeze, last year, my partner and I lent about a dozen of our books out to some friends as part of this group he was a part of. There’s was definitely a lot of anxiety I had to get over, but over the course of several months, one by one, the books returned in really good condition. *whew*


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