[Reading Woes] Book Prudery

Not exactly what I had in mind when I Googled
Not exactly what I had in mind when I Googled “naked books”, but what the hey!

Ever since I started to earn my own money, I always opted to buying hardcovers. Wll, actually, my hardcover fetish started before my cash flow was established, but hey, that is what allowances are for (and for unholy amounts of snacks, as my younger, bloated body would attest to).

However, thanks to the self-awareness of my youthful clumsiness, that meant that I would carefully disrobe and put aside the dust jackets. Thus my fingers would be handling the books in all their naked, hardcover glory.

Unfortunately, I never thought ahead and so when I left my books behind to pursue further studies and other such transition-to-adulthood activities. So, when I finally managed to be reunited with my books, the dust jackets were lost to time and space (so many things appear to be missing from my younger days, I am fairly sure a small black hole appears in storage and consumes select artifacts from my childhood…I miss you Generation 1 Optimus Prime *sob*).

Well, as I am organizing my books, I realized I have three books that are walking around shamelessly naked, their blank covers and embossed titles staring at me blankly. Sometimes I swear I can see them shiver when I am blasting the A/C.

What am I to do?

Eventually, after hunting through several pages of Google results, I never found a good solution to my missing cover solution.  What I settled for was ordering second-hand copies of the books, still hardcovers of course, and just hoped to the biblio-dieties that the covers to the books would be not in too bad of shape.

When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised, they are in excellent condition and now nestled into my collection.

Now, I just have to figure out what to do with these extra copies…anyone willing to give a home to some naked books?


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