[Reading Woes] Bookshelf Beautification Troubles (Part 1)

If you got books, inevitably a bookshelf will appear in some way or the other.

It is a good thing, books need a home.

However, despite the spines staring out at me, there is something…unsatisfying about having them there all regimented and upright. I buy books for the beauty of their outer design to mirror the contents within. But yet they never get displayed in all their glory,

It was bound to happen, one book leads to two, to seventeen, to ending up just replacing all the furniture. Until that bookpacalypse arrives though, we end up in that transition period of trying to reign in the collection.

Thus the arrival of a bookshelf in the room.

The first bookshelf is always the plainest, just a stopgap solution as we try to find a more aesthetic way to present our lovely tomes.

(for example [all images stolen from http://www.boredpanda.com/creative-bookshelves/)

Some of these are quite lovely, though do require quite a bit of investment of time, money, and space:

Where would I put the oversized books though?
Where would I put the oversized books though?
This would both mesmerize and drive me insane...
This would both mesmerize and drive me insane…
Would require a lot of drilling though...worth it however!
Would require a lot of drilling though…worth it however!

Well until the time comes for these bookshelves to actually make it to our rooms and floors, we are still beholden to the plain bookshelf.

So how do we spruce it up?

Google has been impossible, with people giving useless advice in carefully staged rooms that are bright and airy and full of possibilities.

Anyone knows that people buy books first, then the bookshelves~! In fact, I can daresay that most people end up with far too many books and buy bookshelves out of necessity, rather than aesthetic reasons (that is until they get a partner who forces them to stop buying books and save up for a place where the books will have some breathing room)

Currently I am in a tiny little room filled with books and other nerdery, planning to take my one plain bookshelf and turn the room into a well room of quiet aesthetics and bombastic décor.

Wish me luck!


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