[Reading Woes] – Should I Sell off my Library?

(stolen from http://goodereader.com/blog/e-book-news/tim-waterstone-predicts-ebook-decline-in-the-uk)
Looks kind of sad, doesn’t it?

As I stare at the books that pile around the house. They are unfortunately piled because I ran hour of shelf space long time ago and now am forced to use my books as makeshift furniture instead of having actual furniture like a regular person.

It is either that or throw the books away and we can all agree that is an unpardonable sin.

Or is it?

Many of the books that I have nowadays are quite new, the spines barely broken from the re-reads. This is mainly because I usually buy books when I am abroad, which does not happen nearly as often as I would like it to.  So when I go, I buy in bulk as many books as I can carry in my luggage and stuff all my clothes in my backpack, it is why my clothes look unusually rumpled even after repeated ironings.

My point is, my books have taken over my house, despite the fact that I have embraced the e-reader. In fact, my whole family has their own mighty collection of ebooks on their devices which they read quite serenely as they give me their latest emergency to handle.

So, why do I keep buying the physical books?  Their cracked spines are all that stare out at me from any which direction, their beautiful covers hidden by the fact that they are sandwiched between other books, so no there is no aesthetic reason to keep them around. I have almost all in virtual format, so it is not like I am losing them if I sold off my collection.

In fact, life would be easier, without having to dust off all the books or re-stack them because I forgot where I had left my latest pile of acquisitions and accidentally knocked it over.  Plus, it would now be easier to lend a book, something which is loathe to do, since I can just email the file in a matter of moments and not have to worry about it being returned and what condition it will be in.

This idea of getting rid of all my physical books seems to get better the more I think about it.

However, what would I replace all that empty space with? It is too late in my life to start collecting something else that I could clutter my soon-to-be-empty house with.  Plus, there is the irreplaceability of said collection if it were to get damaged or destroyed.  Also there is the idea of time and investment.

I could leave it all empty, be a stark minimalist, but I am sure the empty white walls would drive me far more insane than any yellow wallpaper could.

I guess I will have to keep my books around, they have been with me since my birth, many from before my birth and have taught me more about life and everything else I between than any other adult could, so the idea of selling off my book collection in favor of just having my e-reader would be like selling off my grandparents because my neighbors give good advice as well.

Well there you have it, the library stays, and I think I have found some empty space for some more books, huzzah!


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